“It seems that there’s a deli or a magic-shop on every corner in Haazar. In fact, sometimes they combine ‘em and call it a sand-witch-ry!” -old Haazarite joke.

A sandwichry can be any of the thousands of sandwich-serving eating establishments operating in the greater Haazar area.

The Haazarite palate is a complex thing. Being a major sea port, the people of the city of Haazar (and by extension those in the surrounding region) are exposed to culinary delights both exotic and mundane.

Indeed it’s rare for a member of Haazar’s cosmopolitan elite to sup on the same thing twice in one week, such is the depth and breadth of Haazar’s gastronomic culture. However, there are several common threads that run throughout the multitude of eating establishments, taverns and even domestic kitchens. One of these is the ever-present Great Red Pomelo. Another is the sandwich.

Though it may seem mundane, the mind boggles at the number of delectable combinations that can be generated using the variety of breads, spreads, meats and relishes available in Haazar.

The Haazarite obsession with the layering of two slices of bread around a delicious filling is evidenced by the seemingly infinite number and variety of sandwich shops to be found in the region.

Some of the more noteworthy establishments include: Lockjaw’s Delicatessen and The 10th Street Sandwich House.


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