The Ministry of Arcane Education, Daemonic Research, and Citrus Agriculture of Haazar and the Surrounding Region (MAEDRaCAHSR)(Sometimes pronounced as “Maidchaser” in some of the less illustrious areas of Haazar because of the guild’s inability to keep any type of proper cleaning service employed. This is mainly due to the highly volatile, magical nature of objects being cleaned, the worst of which is the magical loo.) is the largest organization of magic-users in the world. It was established well over 500 years before the events of the campaign and serves as the primary wizard training and licensure body for all territories controlled by Haazar.


Well over 500 years ago, the government of Haazar had no less that 57 separate agencies and offices dedicated to some aspect of magical regulation or legislation. These offices often found themselves competing for resources, inconsistently enforcing the law and duplicating work on a massive scale. With the Decree for the Establishment of The Ministry of Arcane Education, Daemon Research, and Citrus Agriculture of Haazar, Parliament consolidated all of these bodies into one office.

The Decree charged the Ministry with the task of overseeing and setting standards for all magical education and practice, regulating the popular but dangerous research area of Demonology, and creating and enforcing standards for the growth and export of citrus fruits. The first 100 years of the Ministry’s existence were not without controversy or missteps, but in time it became a highly respected and powerful arm of the Haazar government. This period also saw the ministry expand its sphere of influence to all of the regions directly surrounding Haazar. This led to adding the four final words to the Ministry’s official title.

In its role of setting magical educational standards, it wasn’t long before the ministry started to actually absorb many of the various academies and schools specializing in magical training. 355 years ago, the Haazar Institute for Magical Study, Training and Research (HIMSTAR) was founded for the purpose of consolidating and systematizing all of the remaining magic schools into one. HIMSTAR is now the only legal magical training facility in Haazar and local “campuses” serve the surrounding areas.

312 years ago, the MAEDRaCAHSR Demonology faculty embarked on an ambitious and ultimately disastrous massive daemon summoning. The effects of this summoning resulted in major damage to the city of Haazar and the banning of all further demonological research, training and practice.

The last several centuries have seen a steady expansion of MAEDRaCAHSR’s influence both within Haazar and abroad. The continued advances in agromancy have made Haazar a produce-trading giant and have only served to increase the Ministry’s prestige. The Licensure Bureau’s functions have taken on the character of a trade guild. It is very difficult to find work as a wizard anywhere in Haazar-controlled lands without a valid, current MAEDRaCAHSR membership.


Arcane Education

MAEDRaCAHSR’s Arcane Education Authority (AEA) oversees HIMSTAR. Located in the prestigious Wizards Quarter of the city, HIMSTAR is actually one of the largest buildings in the entire city. It serves as the one and only legal magical research and instruction facility in all of the city. Satellite facilities (usually designated as HIMSTAR-Weston, HIMSTAR-Blackburn, etc) serve the same function in Haazar’s various colonies and outlying communities.

The AEA sets the basic curriculum, apprenticeship and graduation requirements for all HIMSTAR students. It also connects advanced students with apprenticeship or internship programs helping them to gain real world wizard experience. The AEA also manages a network of MAEDRaCAHSR-owned magical libraries.


MAEDRaCAHSR’s Arcane Enforcement Agency (AEA, often confused with the other AEA) is the agency responsible for enforcing all laws and regulations related to magical use and research. A substantial amount of AEA’s time and resources are spent on issuing, renewing, stripping and otherwise maintaining the multitude of magical licenses, permits and credentials mandated by Haazar law. It is virtually impossible to whisper an incantation or wave a wand without the proper permits. They are also charged with finding, detaining, prosecuting and punishing violators of magical laws, including Demonologists (see below). AEA agents have policing powers that dwarf those of almost any other government agency and some say they act as a kind of secret police for the Haazar government.

Daemonic Research

The Division of Daemonic Research (DDR) no longer exists. This is a direct result of the Great Summoning of 312 years ago. Prior to that time, Daemonic Research (or Demonology) was considered a perfectly legitimate field of study. While never numbering as many as wizards, demonologists were considered a vital and growing part of the magical community. Shortly after the disaster, however, demonology in all forms was banned. This effectively closed an entire MAEDRaCAHSR division and a whole course of HIMSTAR study. The “Daemonic Research” in MAEDRaCAHSR’s title is simply a holdover from this previous era. In contemporary Haazar society, demonologists are criminals who must work in secret.

Citrus Agriculture

From its founding, Haazar has been a bustling and prosperous port city. Exports ranging from lumber to finished goods to food have been a major factor in the wealth of this, the greatest of all cities. However, being in a temperate climate, Haazar had always been forced to import tropical delicacies, particularly the Great Red Pomelo. Shortly after first being introduced some 600 years ago, the Great Red Pomelo became wildly popular with Haazar citizens. Demand quickly began to outstrip available imports, leading to exorbitantly high prices. Hoping to cash in on the craze, many wizards began experimenting in an entirely new field of magic: agromancy. With a mixture of weather control, cross-breeding and alchemical intervention, several Pomelo farms began to spring up in outlying areas of Haazar.

The close proximity led to drastically reduced shipping costs which significantly cut the price of this fruit. While Pomelo importers were driven out of business, a whole new agromantic industry sprang up. Suddenly Haazar had become one of the world’s largest exporters of pomelos and other fruits. Unfortunately not all agromancers were particularly ethical, giving rise to problems of erratic weather patterns, over-growing and poor pomelo quality. When MAEDRaCAHSR was established, the parliament specifically choose to include citrus growing in its oversight mandate. In the ensuing centuries, the Citrus Agriculture Division (CAD) has grown to encompass all aspects of agromancy and regulates virtually all agriculture (magical or mundane) carried out in the Haazar region.


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