Lockjaw Mountains

The mountain range known as the Lockjaw Mountains can be found on the continent of Cholorin. It lies directly to the North of the Haazar realm.

It is said that the Lockjaws have nights so cold that your mouth chatters to exhaustion, hence the name Lockjaw. Recent expeditions have brought back stories of harrowing adventure and riches beyond imagination, but no mention of the cold. Current theories point to a new source for the Lockjaw’s name.

Newly found long-lost tomes tell of a man nicknamed Lockjaw Jenkins. Jenkins was said to have contracted a mild case of tetanus after he cut himself with a crust knife in his sandwich shop. This apparently had two effects. 1: Jenkins’s jaw clamped tighter than a bear trap in January (consensus is still out on how tight this actually is). 2: Business at his sandwich shop essentially ground to a halt. Having lost his main source of income, the drive to pursue his passion for sandwich making, and his ability to communicate with his former clientèle Jenkins is said to have gone mad. After assaulting several citizens with what he called “BM on rye” he was exiled to “The North”. Scholars think “The North” refers to the Lockjaw mountain range.

Does “Lockjaw Jenkins” still roam the Lockjaw mountains, moaning for his lost chance at success? Most scholarly sources point to no, as tetanus does not generally grant the afflicted unnaturally long life.

Lockjaw Mountains

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