Great Summoning

312 years ago the DDR (Division of Daemonic Research – See MAEDRaCAHSR) formulated a plan by which they could summon, bind and enslave a full infernal legion, pressing it into service as defenders of the city of Haazar. The idea was to carry out an enormous mass summoning that would draw into the physical realm a legion of over 3,000 demonic soldiers. These demons would be forced to defend the city from any invading force. Even one of these demons would be adequate to fight at least a dozen men. This operation was dangerous to say the least. Even a minor error could spell disaster by releasing thousands of angry devils into the city.

The mistake was made.

In the ensuing chaos and destruction anyone who might have seen this mistake was almost certainly killed. For this reason, there is very little clear information as to what went wrong. Fortunately, the summoning went wrong very early and only 87 demons were released into the city. At the end of the ensuing 3-day disaster over 2000 people had been killed, hundreds of buildings were destroyed and Haazar harbor was choked with wreckage.

On the day before the summoning, MAEDRaCAHSR records indicate that there were around 275 practicing demonologists in and around the city. When the dust had settled and damage assessment began, only 4 demonologists could be identified. Almost every demonologist in the region had been working on the summoning and when it failed, they were the first in the path of destruction.

While recovery and rebuilding dominated the parliamentary agenda for nearly five years following the disaster, the public demanded that those responsible be punished. The last remaining demonologists were sentenced to life imprisonment. Going further, the Parliament issued a total ban on all daemonic research and demonological practice. In the ensuing centuries, the memory of that terrible event has ensured that the average Haazar citizen considers demonology not only illegal but reprehensibly immoral.

Great Summoning

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