Voxxindrian Emberdarke

A champion fallen; a hero once again?


Sex: Male
Age: 73
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

Voxxindrian wears his hair long in the traditional Eladrin style. Many of his choices in clothing styles follow this same tradition and it is something that he takes very seriously. Voxxindrian is also heavily tattooed and he has ascribed meaning to all of them, most of which have to do with his clan and ideals.

  • Stylized Phoenix covers the majority of his face. This is a tribute to Voxxindrian’s guard battalion.

More tattoo descriptions will be added as they come to light in the campaign.


There was a time in Voxxindrian Emberdarke’s life when it seemed he had all he could ever want. He was born into a affluent, high-standing family of the CLAN NAME-viil (common translation: The Clan of The Seven Houses). The clan was led by an Eladrin noble, a Firre of the Flame who took a strong liking to tattooing and the people that perform the art. Growing up in the shadow of the QuadriSol Citadel (common translation: The Citadel of the Endless Sun), in the city of CITY NAME located north of the Lockjaw Mountains, Voxxindrian was rarely denied anything.

As soon as he came of age, he joined the Phoenix Guard, the elite protectorate of the city. Early in his career, Voxxindrian earned a reputation for being a fierce warrior and brilliant tactician. He quickly and skillfully rose through the ranks until at age 35 he was promoted to Captain of the Phoenix Guard and inherited the BLADE, the youngest ever in clan history. During this time, he met and married Keyrsaliss, a sound warrior in her own right.

The next 15 years saw Voxxindrian excel. His days were spent uncovering plots against his Firre’s House and winning battles in his name, while his nights were spent celebrating with friends and family and working the political machinations of his own House, Ayrreidar-vaal, which stood 3rd during the time that Voxxindrian served as the Captain of the Phoenix Guard. His reputation continued to grow and the might of the CLAN NAME (though mostly used in defense rather than conquest) was well known throughout the realms.

The night of the attack that saw the QuadriSol Citadel break began much like many other.

More to come! ...honest…

Voxxindrian Emberdarke

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