Thaddius N. Worthington

A wizard, long in his years, who yerns only to do what he loves most.


In all respects Thaddius appears, and carries himself as a broken man.

Thaddius stands slightly hunched over (he states it is because of the long hours he stands hunched over reading sheet music). His long grey hair was once well kept but in the past year hair care has been the least of his worries. Wide, green eyes that were once more accustomed to reading music than words are slightly magnified by the round silver rimmed, and often times slightly askew spectacles. A face of wrinkles ending at the tip of a bulbous nose which, through no means of magic, has been placed perfectly over a medium sized mouth that hasn’t smiled in a year. All of this is complimented with an un-kept, medium length gray beard that is in desperate need of a razor and shaving cream.


Exactly 313 years ago the MAEDRaCAHSR symphony orchestra, or [[Magica Musica Symphonica | Magica Musica Symphonica]] was created as part of a massive public relations campaign that was meant to restore the good image of MAEDaCAHSR to the people of Haazar after they summoned 87 demons too many. Thaddius N. Worthington was the 7th Master Conjuring Conductor of that Symphony Orchestra; a title that meant the world to him.

After holding this position for two years the recent troubled economic times experienced by Haazar finally took it’s toll on MAEDRaCAHSR, and funding for the program was cut (one might argue how much can it really cost to run an orchestra consisting of instruments that play themselves, and that person would be pointed in the direction of the three large wagons of spell components necessary to for one performance). A devastated Thaddius pleaded with the [[:Grand High Director | Grand High Director]] to allow the program to continue, but was told the money simply wasn’t there and all unnecessary programs had to go for the Ministry to continue. When the guards arrived to escort a weeping Thaddius back to his chambers the Grand High Director (in a moment of desperation to get Thaddius to let go of his leg) told him that if he could come up with the funding himself the Magica Musica Symphonica could continue. Thaddius determined that the quickest way to make money was to start adventuring and discover some dragon horde, or lich’s savings account, however adventuring was never his strong point. So he joined the army hoping to meet up with a group of adventurers that he could hide behind when the fighting started. This was perhaps the biggest mistake of his life; even bigger than when he asked the large women at the butcher’s shop when the baby was due. He ran a lot that day too.

Thaddius N. Worthington

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