Cayden Winterdusk

A young warlock with a thirst for vengeance.


Sex: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair: Stringy blonde

Eyes: Pale blue

Skin: Sickly pale

Attire: Dark brown leather armor with a high collar and gloves.


Born to a wealthy and prominent family of wizards, Cayden Sunbringer looked forward to the comfortable life of Haazarite mage. As the youngest scion of at least five generations of Sunbringer wizards, there was simply no question that he’d join the “family business.” At fourteen, he left home to attend the MAEDRaCAHSR academy full of optimism, enthusiasm and hope.

Years later, Cayden would come to realize that his optimism was his first mistake. Enthusiasm was misguided and misplaced.

And hope? Hoping for something good for himself? Hoping for a fair shake, a square deal, a real opportunity for a quiet life of study and leisure? Well hope was nothing short of the greatest cock up of his existence.

Yes, looking back, it was hope that did him in. In retrospect, how could he have been so stupid? So naive? To honestly believe that things would work out in his favor? What an idiot.

Hope? Piss on it.

Sure, his first few years at academy went swimmingly. He showed promise and all of the expected talent. But as he went further along and his classmates were levitating two-headed draft oxen, Cayden was still struggling with garden snails.

His dormitory-mates spent their free time creating realistic, fully accurate, and compliant illusions of their attractive, young Astrology teacher. The best Cayden could manage was a badly-rendered image of the dowdy old lunch matron Mrs. Crumly. And the Crumly illusion didn’t seem the least bit interested in showing Cayden anything, not that he’d want her to.

On top of all of that, his limes were dying.

It didn’t take long before Cayden’s waning aptitude came to the attention of his teachers and the administration. Faced with expulsion, Cayden had just one chance to prove that he could keep up with his fellows. If he could pass MAEDRaCAHSR’s Arcane Standard Skills test, he’d be allowed to carry on with his studies. But Cayden knew he had no chance of passing the A.S.S. test. Not legally, anyway.

Out of desperation, he made a bargain with a demon that he believed to be Brauxico, a general in the Infernal Army. Unwittingly, however, he’d made a bargain with Brausco, a beet-obsessed junior general accountant in the Infernal Treasury.

Brausco was all too happy to let the young man think he was entering into a bargain with a general in the armies of hell. Since the Great Summoning debacle, precious few mortals trucked with the infernal hordes and having a human thrall would certainly raise his profile. Perhaps he’d even make full accountant!

When Cayden’s infernal pact came to light, he was expelled from MAEDRaCAHSR. Ashamed, he changed his surname to something that sounded sinister and went into hiding. Shortly thereafter he joined the army out of desperation.

The bargain with Brausco hasn’t been without its benefits, Cayden has gained magical power, although not of the kind he expected. He works very hard (with varying degrees of success) to disguise his spells as those of a licensed wizard, and has not revealed his secret to anyone.

Cayden Winterdusk

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