Larna Parlee

Battle Priest of the Raven Queen


BASICs: Larna was born in a small settlement village near the western coasts called Parlee Crossing. The village was said to have been over-run by a waring orc tribe from the north. Many of the villagers were killed including Larna’s parents. She caught the eye of a priest traveling with the Haazar militia that came through the village shortly after the raid her parents were killed in. The priest brought her back to Haazar with him to live in the Temple of the Black Flight and learn the ways of the Raven Queen. He always told here there was something “different” about her. While an unusually happy follower of the Queen, Larna has grown to have a serious side when duty calls. At the age of 18, Larna joined the Haazar army with hopes to prove to the High Priest that she is ready for her trials. She is well known throughout Haazar due to her unusual personality and devotion to the death goddess. Many of the other temple high priests have tried to convert her feeling her personable ways are wasted on the Black Flight. She has never been tempted. She remembers more of her past than many are aware.

DESCRIPTION: Larna is about 5ft 5in tall and roughly 120 pounds. While she appears quite delicate she is actually very muscular and strong. She has very long raven black hair that is braided into many tiny braids. Her eyes are a piercing violet that are enchanting yet dangerous. She has a large black tattoo of feathers on her left forearm. She has an infectious laugh and beautiful smile.

Larna Parlee

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