The Haazar Legends

A successful first session

The group had our first virtual D&D session on Saturday April 11th. We met online at 7:30 using Ventrilo for voice chat and MapTool for our virtual table top. Although there were some initial technical hiccups, I’d say it was a very successful evening. I think that everyone has gotten quite comfortable with the MapTool application and I’m confident that it’s going to work out for us.

I also think that we’re off to a great start with the 4E rules. I found it very simple to know what my character could and could not do at any time and rules questions were easily overcome.

Well done, all.



Agreed, now hopefully we can get the second session planned. I think this is going to be played in fits and starts, especially during the Summer. Maybe April was a bad time to start the campaign :(

A successful first session

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